Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day : Newspaper Tree (April 22)

Aarav wanted a Tree or plant forever, call me lazy but it still looks like extra work to me. So for Earth Day I used old magazines and kitchen roll cardboard to make this nice little Tree to keep him busy for a few days or so I hope.

Old magazines 1
Kitchen roll cardboard or make a long roll from card stock

Roll the pages out of the magazine into small pipes, I made at least 15 of them to go all around the kitchen roll and some more. Use glue or staple them onto the roll. I let Aarav play with color and make it all beautiful and also keeps him busy, while I get some work done:)

I found this cute vase to keep the tree straight and Aarav played around it.

Tips: You definitely use only green and make it look more like a tree, we just love a more colorful tree. Keep the tree in a nice vase with marbles or pebbles.

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