Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentines day cards

Back after a long break, we are gearing up for Valentines Day at school and made these cute cards for Aarav's teachers.

Cardstock red and blue
blackmarker pen
google eyes
heart stickers

We took choose Aarav's favorite colors  red and blue but you can get any cardstock.
Cut them into 2 rectangles one small (blue) and one big (red).
Make a small hole on the blue small paper (enough to put a google eye thorough it).
Stick the small card on top of the larger card and add the google eye in the middle  ( see picture) and make eyelashes.Time to add the heart sticker and write the letter you  (I heart you).
Decorate the sides with ribbons or stickers.
Inside we made a little alien with one eye and little note and candy for the teachers.

We are ready for the  V-day party at school :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine card for dad

I love Papa card for dear dad for Valentines Day , yes its a surprise

Construction paper
Marker pens
Google eyes
Heart stickers

This really as simple as it gets, Aarav really likes to make aliens ( and angry birds) so we made this nice little alein with one eye for the letter I.
Added heart stickers , we used glitter stickers you can make your own hearts or just draw them on paper.
He decided to write You and add a special message.