Friday, February 25, 2011

Rainstick/ Paper Towel Rice Maracas

My son just loves music, we made these rice Maracas with paper towel tube. He loves going crazy with it, we call its making sweet music.

Paper towel tube (any other long paper tube)
Glue/Scissors/Duct tape
White paper sheet (color paper also works )
Brown paper to make caps or use juice bottle caps
Rice (other lentils or beans)
Crayons, markers and stickers to decorate

Trace the ends of the paper towel on a the brown paper or construction paper , make a bigger circle and cut to fit (cap) the paper towel ends. Cut and keep another cap for the other end. We used us juice bottle caps as they were perfect fit for the paper towels. Use glue to fix the cap, keep the other end open at this point.

Add rice and other dry lentils or beans into the tube. Fill it only 1/10 full for more effective sound.

Cover the paper towel tube with white paper sheet or color paper. Use the other paper cap or juice bottle cap to secure the rice inside.  Make sure you have the side nicely secured or you will have a big mess to clean.

Decorate the tube with Crayon, markers or stickers.

Make more than one rainstick  one for each hand.
Teach kids simple rhythms or let the kids make their own music
Incorporate other music instruments(guitar, drums, flute) for your very own concert, truly special-enjoy

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