Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Paper Plate Fish Bowl

This one is a fun Craft project we did over the weekend and I can't wait to share it my play date moms. Most of the things are readily available at home. This craft can be done in a group, yet each child can use his/her imagination to create their very own Fish bowl.

Supplies you need:
 Paper Plate
Craft form or color paper
Paint/paint brush or color pen or Crayon (blue and green)
Wiggle eyes (optional)
Craft glue

Make the kids to sit with all the supplies nearby, explain and talk to them about Fish Bowl.

Using the Scissor cut a small section on the top of the paper plate to resemble the shape of a Fish Bowl.

Color the Inner side of the paper plate with blue crayon or  pen (else use blue paint and let it dry). Draw different fish patterns on craft form or craft paper which ever is handy and cut out the fish patterns.Glue the fish onto the blue side of the plate.

Add wiggle eyes or you can draw eyes with black pen.

Cut some color paper and stick them to the paper plate or decorate it to make it look like ocean creature or plants.

Color the small part of paper plate and color it green. Paste this section to the bottom of the Fish Bowl.

If you are working with small kids try and cut the paper fish in advance.
You can also use glitter on the fish to add more color.
Place some glue on the bottom of the plate and before it sets,place sand or gravel
You can finger paint some bubbles if you like!

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