Friday, January 20, 2012

Animal Racing

we are trying very hard to move Aarav away from just cars ( that's all he wants to play with these days).
So we set up the Animal racing track (loosely based on cheetah racer on So the idea was to race all the farm animals and wild animals and see what happens, play and some teaching packed into one. Of course that did not work out too well, as you see the farm animal only came to see the racing and so did the construction trucks.
We did however manage to do some Animal footprints and talk about that for some time. I tried to explain a bit about the Dinosaurs, which turned out to be little more tricky then expected.


  1. My nephew (now in his 20s) was obsessed with cars from age 2 to 6 or so. I say let him have that obsession and maybe do some car related crafts. I'm sure he would love painting with car wheels! (rolling them in the paint and making a cool painting)

  2. Here is link to car painting: