Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Alphabet Mat

I'm a little behind in posting my craft project, blame it on the lazy summer days of Chicago. This activity is a fun tool for keeping little bodies busy and brush up on ABC's.        
Bottle caps 26 counts
Form or cardboard  sheet.

Add labels to bottle caps and write your ABC's .
On the Form or cardboard sheet make a table and jumble the Alphabet.
Your Alphabet Mat is ready

Older kids can helps younger kids in all the steps.
Feel free to decorate your mat.
You can also use colorful labels or stickers

I mixed up the Alphabet order as my little one is old enough to figure it out. The next step will be to use  animals or fruits and vegetable to go on the mat, we have been practicing that too, works like a charm.

Toilet paper roll trees

Its been ages since I last updated my blog, call me lazy...lol. Thought of posting a few simple ideas to keep kids busy which they can handle by themselves or with little help

This one is called paper roll tree  and as you will see in the pictures, its very simple and still guaranteed to charm the kids.


Toilet paper roll (preferably brown ones)
green craft paper (for tree cut outs)
color pens/crayons
sticker (optional)

How to and tips:
Clean your Toiler paper roll of any left over tissues.
Cut green craft paper into a tree like or cloud like cutout.
Use scissors to make two small slits on paper roll sides for the cutout to fix in.
Decorate the green with color pens /crayons or stickers, I used a frog stickers, you can use other tree animals like monkeys or just ask your kids to make their own. Depends mostly on the age of the kids, I'm working with 3 year old, they just love the coloring part.

Our kids love making branches, leaves, nest and birds, we also sang our favorite  barney song 'There was a hole'http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mINPh9-eTss&feature=related


playing with colors

Some days I just let my little one play with colors be it a empty box , a paper bowl , it sure keeps him occupied and you never know what will be the end product.