Saturday, April 9, 2011

Toilet paper roll Bunny

Just another play-date with Aarav's friends turned into a cute Easter Bunny. The kids wanted to do some crafts (Aarav just wanted to use some Glue).

Toilet paper roll
googly eyes
white/pink craft paper

Cover toilet paper roll with white paper.
Cut a small sheet of white paper shaped as Bunny Ears
Use a smaller sheet of pink paper, shaped as inner Bunny Ears, Nose and Tummy( see picture above )
Attach the Ears, Nose and Tummy to the paper roll.
Stick Googly eyes.
Use black pen to add whiskers and mouth.

Ask the kids to paint the toilet paper roll (pink/yellow r good options)
Great idea to have a simple bunny story or talk about other animals on the Farm


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  1. bunnies are njoying lot.will try for my kids too