Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hallooween Fun

 This is our first attempt at pumpkin carving, as my son got so excited with all the fun fall activities he was going int he school. He wanted a scary pumpkin with spiders. So while he got busy with the Halloween form stickers to make a small decoration frame for the door. Mom got ready to crave small slits to put the scary eyes we picked up from the dollar store. used more foam sticker the nose and pipe cleaners for the mouth. We used a fruit basket and added fake grass from Easter to place the pumpkin. Then we added some more stickers to the pumpkin, check out the spider sticker for eyebrows, now that's imagination for 3 year old.

More Spider and fake rings to add more spooky Halloween fun.

Happy Halloween.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Wreath

My son came home with this unfinished wreath. It's such a nice and simple way to add color to our door. We both went out side for a quick walk around the neighborhood and  picked up these twigs, leaves and wild berries.

Orange paper-plate
Orange pipe cleaner
Twigs, leaves and wild berries (for decoration)

On the Paper plate, spread glue and add the twigs, leaves or any other decoration. Make a small hole and add pipe cleaner to make a hanger for the wreath. Nice, easy and warms up the doorway.