Wednesday, June 22, 2011

papercups/bowl jellyfish

I was thinking what to do with the leftover paper bowls ..when my son decided to pain them. This simple project is so easy and we were done in a jiffy of course thats after he was done painting and repainting the bowls.

Paper bowls or cups
paint and brush
party streamer or ribbons

Paint the paper bowls or cups as u like them, preferably pastel colors

Once its dry, add glue to the insides of the bowls/cups

Add streamer or colorful ribbons, both would work great

An adult can cut the streamers in thin strips for the kids or let them try it themselves  with a kid safe scissors.
Its a raining day craft, but can work for playdates or birthday parties too
Talk to the kids about Jelly fish or other  sea creatures.
Let the kids explore with colors , my son loves to mix them ..its amazing how much toddlers love to paint.