Thursday, December 1, 2011

Foot Print Turkey

 Thanksgiving is long gone, we finally got around doing something similar to all the beautiful Turkey and thanksgiving crafts online. My son loves his glue stick so paper crafts always gets him interested. I used green craft paper to trace his foot print and cut some feather like patterns in orange and yellow, our favorite fall colors.


Craft paper foot print cutout
Google eyes
Small cutout for nose and mouth

I explained first how the different peaces will come together to make the Turkey( which amused him and led to questions like why is the Turkey green ) Like I said he loves his Glue stick and soon got busy with the activity. We spoke some more about what Turkey eat and habitat for small farm animals.

More then anything else, all crafts or activities have to be simple and age appropriate.  I like to get everything ready pre-cut before we start including books you want to read. We also talked about thanksgiving and other festivals around the world.

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