Monday, March 21, 2011

Tips for first play date

Some easy tips for planning your first play date:
  • Talk to your child about calling his friends over, specially about sharing his toys
  • Its Ok to hide a few of his favorite toys if he is not comfortable sharing them all with friends
  • Plan in advance how long will the date last, activity or theme arrangements
  • If the kids will be dropped off or will the parents stay with the kids 
  • Some kid friendly snacks like popcorn's, cookies, juice etc.  also for the moms some snacks like coffee and sandwiches.
  • If its your first time hosting a play date keep it simple and make the house rules clear to the kids. 
  • Its a good idea to have kids of same age group so they can enjoy the play-date together
  • If possible inform the parents in advance about the play-date  theme or what activities you have planned for the kids.
  • Be ready to play with the kids even when sitting and chatting with the moms seems like a good idea. kids love the interaction.
  • While babies love to play side by side, toddlers love simple crafts, keep some time aside for singing and going silly.
  • Kids will fight or cry, be ready to play referee
  • Invite  the group to another play-date, or you can rotate houses.

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