Monday, January 17, 2011

Cereal Tower

Ceral Tower is a fun way to keep little bodies busy specially on a snowy day like today.Its a fun activity for one kid or a small group (preschool or kindergarten), its quick and easy as most things are almost always available at hand.

Things you need:
Play dough or you can make your own dough
Uncooked spaghetti 4-8 sticks
Cereal with holes like Cheerios or Fruit Loops

Keep all the things you need nearby and make the kid(s) sit down at the table. Explain to them the fun activity and ask them to listen carefully(make it interesting).

Take some dough and make a nice round ball. Then press it on to a flat surface or a small flat bowl.

Next attach the same size spaghetti sticks in the middle so it can take the weight of the cereal,  else you can attach 3-4 sticks spread on the dough for more fun.

Fill a bowl with O shaped cereals like Cheerios or Fruit Loops. Tell the kids to thread the Cereal into the spaghetti to make a tall tower. You may show the children how it is done.

Then give them the signal to start. For more fun you can make different color towers and play a game of separation. Who ever finishes the tower first wins, make it more fun with stickers and stamps


If the sticks break ask them to make smaller towers
Let the kids experiment and be creative, its a great tool for teaching listening skills, hand-eye coordination and co-operation.

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